the aerogram

On learning how to love (myself)

Poetry inspired by the Yoni Ki Baat movement, which is a South Asian interpretation of Eve Enslers' Vagina Monologues. Read the poem on The Aerogram, here.

the weekender

thoughts from an almost college graduate: things of which i am now certain (about myself, about others)

The Weekender is an online culture magazine. Read my piece in full here. 

the daily californian

The Daily Californian is Berkeley's only daily newspaper and is entirely student run. It's financially independent from the University (UC Berkeley) and has a print circulation of about 10,000 with about 800,000 online page views per month. I worked there for a bit as a breaking news reporter. I wrote about public transit issues, research and development, and sexual assault investigations, among other things.

indie shuffle

I used to write about music for indie shuffle, a curated music streaming blog.