experiments in sound



consumed by trauma; trauma we consume. a sampling of what lives inside our bodies (TW: sexual assault). (an experiment in sampling and playing around on Ableton.) featured on Long Live The New Sound, the anti-podcast podcast. Listen (with headphones!) here.

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the secrets they stored

Little Greenie is a creative space and art collective. It is a moving show, an idea and a digital archive promoting collaboration, improvisation, storytelling, queer love. The idea is that Little Greenie is a community queering the archive, queering the performance space, in the sense that it is not one fixed performance, not one artist, not one kind of show. It focuses on collaboration between people in many different creative areas.

I performed at our first show, a improvised collaborative performance between a word artist (me) and live looped vocals. You can listen to a mediocre (!) iPhone recording of part of the performance here.


dream fields

an anthology of dreams. this is a DJ set curated for body movement. it’s a mix made entirely from field recordings that i’ve captured over the years, layered over beats and world music. Listen here.


freeing your being

a fake podcast promo inspired the intimacy of conversation that takes place inside living room blanket forts.