I was producer of COMMONS, a podcast from CANADALAND Media. It's a show that presents a deep-dive into issues and problems that are political in nature, but often off the radar of the day-to-day political press. The show is based in Canada. As a producer, my job included: shaping the topic and structure of shows, research, pre-interviews, recording and producing interviews, writing scripts, and mixing and mastering of the show. The show has two hosts, Ryan McMahon and Hadiya Roderique. A full online archive of work is here, and the show is on Twitter at @CANADALANDCMNS.


Unknown Road: Inside Immigration Detention

Each year, thousands of people are indefinitely jailed in prisons without any criminal charges. Babou was one of them.  

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Invisible Victims Series

A two part series on police accountability.

Part One: How police botched the Robert Pickton case and almost let a serial killer get away. "If police don't want you to see a file, you're never gonna know it exists"

Part Two: In which we explore the suspicious death of Cheyenne Fox and the ensuing (lack of) investigation. "It was bad enough that I had lost my daughter. But the interaction with the police was even worse."

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Our Mis(education): the Erasure of Blackness in Canadian Schools

"Only a few decades after slavery was abolished, you already had, in textbooks in Ontario, the removal of references of history of slavery in Canada, but still many examples of realities of slavery in the United States. This idea of identifying racism as an American phenomenon is an important part of how Canadian racism articulates itself."