I produced the podcast Short Cuts (out of Canadaland Media). It's a weekly Canadian media criticism show in chat format hosted by two people. The hosts and guests are always changing. Producing the show happens in the span of 12 hours; we recorded at about noon and I published the show at around midnight that same day.


Creeping Sharia, Bitches.

On the hijab cutting hate crime that never was and the job of journalists in reporting stories of sexual assault. Naheed Mustafa joins guest host Elamin Abdelmahmoud.


CanLit is Crawling With Creeps

Novelist and poet Zoe Whittall joins Jesse to talk about creepy professors, racist letters, and predatory men. 

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Terrible Documentary Silenced by Basic Decency

A BBC documentary was pulled from CBC scheduling. A journalists’ materials were seized from a Niagara Regional Council meeting by staff exercising “enthusiastic caution.” Independent crowdfunded journalist Joey Coleman co-hosts.