i'm glad you came upon my website in these vast interwebs.

i’m a documentarian, and my heart-work is in audio.

i’ve lived in six cities, five countries, and four continents. i'm a first generation immigrant from a family of refugees. i’m deeply disturbed by the idea that when society fails to tell a story, it implies that it is unworthy of being told. working to build understanding/empathy thru story is my form of resistance.

from 2014-2016 i worked at KALX as News Director, Manager, and volunteer DJ in Berkeley CA, where I fell in love with freeform community radio.

at NPR’s #nextgen radio fellowship in 2016 at KJZZ in Phoenix, AZ i produced this piece and experienced what it’s like to be in a diverse and inclusive newsroom for the first time.

i graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelors degree in political economy in 2016. after graduating i joined the KALW newsroom in San Francisco for their summer journalism fellowship.

in early 2017 i worked in partnership with the 1947 Partition Archive and produced a series of three short documentary films made from oral history interviews from their archive, made to demonstrate the impact and memory of 1947's Partition.

in Spring 2017 i blissfully produced audio docs ocean-side such as this and this at the Transom Story Workshop in Massachusetts.

in fall 2017 i became producer at CANADALAND, a podcast network based in toronto. i ran the progressive political podcast, Commons, for six months. production of this show was almost entirely a one-woman operation (me).

i am currently working freelance and am always open to discussing potential collaborations. doing my part to build a strong and supportive web of creative humans is very important to me, (especially women of colour) so if you'd like to get in touch, please don't hesitate.

i'm also available for editing, audio production, research, tape syncs, sound design, consulting for your organization's podcast idea, etc. on a freelance basis. I've previously done freelance work for Freakonomics Radio, NPR Morning Edition, BBC, and CBC podcasts. 

among other things, i'm currently working on a sound-rich series about mental health among communities of color, and a doc series on immigration detention. i am particularly interested in stories of (in)justice, death and dying, music, education, mental health, the prison system, identity, and place.

aside from storytelling in all its forms, i’m wild about performance poetry, hiking, music, lakes (especially the Great kind), and furious dancing

madan.abby@gmail.com | @abby_madan |