i’m a sound-loving documentarian. my heart-work is in audio.

i’ve lived in six cities, five countries, and four continents. i'm a first generation immigrant from a family of refugees. i’m deeply disturbed by the idea that when society fails to tell a story, it implies that it is unworthy of being told. working to build understanding/empathy thru story is my form of resistance.

from 2014-2016 i worked at KALX in Berkeley CA, where I fell in love with freeform community radio. at NPR’s #nextgen radio fellowship in 2016 at KJZZ in Phoenix, AZ i produced this piece and experienced what it’s like to be in a diverse and inclusive newsroom for the first time. most recently i’ve been blissfully producing audio docs by the sea this Spring at the Transom Story Workshop in MA. i graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelors degree in political economy in 2016.

aside from storytelling in all its forms, i’m wild about performance poetry, hiking, music, lakes (especially the Great kind), and furious dancing

madan.abby@gmail.com | @abby_madan |